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    Our red one mx lcd monitor has developed a white bar across almost half of the bottom of the screen, has anyone run across this, could it possibly be the cable, seems unlikely. Has anyone had this problem and resolved. Or is the monitor shot!
    Thanks, Geoff
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    Have a white line just below the pertinent info, bought a replacement Battle-tested immediately, I doubt there would be a possible repair. Mine was the 7 inch(non touch), probably also the best they made since it had a great anti reflective coating making it usable on exterior and was very light weight and flexible in mounting
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    yes! just happened to one of ours! any work arounds??
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    I had an issue with mine a few years ago (white screen?) and stumbled across an old thread here on Reduser. Sorry, tried to find it but it seems to have disappeared. Long story short, the fix was to open the monitor and re-insert a cable that had somehow come loose from its port. I believe it was a flat, white cable. I remember the task was arduous as the port was tiny. My monitor has worked perfectly ever since.
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    Sadly mine did the same thing. Seems to be the ribbon cable but I doubt we can get ahold of a replacement...
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