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    We just bought an Epic-W Helium 8K and we have problems with the SDI connection. It starts working around 20 to 40 minutes after the camera is turned on. We updated the build and didn't work either. Does anyone has experienced this problem with this camera? Any idea if there is a quick fix instead of sending it back to RED, I live in Shanghai and it is a long way.
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    Hey Arturo,

    which monitor(s) are you using?

    Have you tried setting the frequency manually instead of leaving it on AUTO?
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    Do all the usual things like changing connectors cables, resetting the camera for factory presets, etc.

    Also check specs and make sure your SDI monitor/ connection is compatible with the RED output.
    Obviously, try various monitors, etc.

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    See if you can find another expander module in Shanghai to test with so you know if it's an issue with the brain or your module.
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    I just post this in another thread...

    When i recived the Epic-W (unbox it) and Using the I/O V-Lock expander the SDI/HDMI outputs were not working.
    After trying almost EVERYTHING, what did the trick was setting the overlay of the SDI/HDMI output to RED OVERLAY and then set it again to CLEAN

    I know it seems weird but after that i never had any problems. Could be a firmware issue...

    Hope it helps!
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    Hi Arturo,

    I'm sure you must have gone to RED's website to look for help in your neck-of-the woods. Here is the link just in case.

    Also, I found there was an Authorized dealer or someone in Shanghai and perhaps they might be able to assist you with a loaner for now.


    Jebsen Industrial (China) Co. Ltd.
    19/F, East Ocean Centre 618 Yan An Road East

    + 86 400 9696 223


    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks is for posting this... I couldn’t figure out what was going in but just followed this and it was working again.. very strange - but thanks!
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