We're now shooting with the Helium 8k and adding to our collection of 100+ TB of RED footage. We have a dis-organized folder structure that is the product of multiple editors saving how they felt like. At the end of the day, I want to be able to see what we have so we can leverage the B-Roll, but I don't want to have to watch all the footage individually to know what we have.

I also don't want to have the same issue such that there's only a few people who "know" what video we have and have to keep being constantly asked about footage or where to find things and then relying on their memory as to the date and project (or location) that would contain the footage we need.

I need a searchable way to see what we have, and something that can work on multiple computers so marketing and the rest of the teams can also search and see our footage.

We've tried KeyFlowPro, but previewing was painful and Foolcat was never able to scan our whole library.

There has to be a way that I haven't found to catalog and display what we have so we can find things ourselves instead of relying on personal memory or a spreadsheet.

I'm new to the RED game, how are you guys managing your video libraries?