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    I would take a look to the cineslider, sturdy, modular with different motorized options and with no complicated over-engineered stuff.
    I have the stealth model for lower payloads.
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    This is a good system, if you don't want the pain of the weight and expense
    of the ronford. Also is good for flight (24 kgs), and allows infinite extension if required.
    Steve Gray
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    +1 for the prosup slider.
    I use it a lot but I don´t own it myself.
    Their products are well build, compact and the price is really o.k. for what you get.
    It can carry a lot.
    Also the jib is a good one to carry around without too much cases, weights and extras if you need to stay on a small budget and smaller sized equipment.
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    Trost or MYTworks
    Nick Morrison
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeb Sanford View Post
    Trost M series sliders ( - very solidly engineered and built, super smooth action, supports a lot of weight and many mounting options.
    Does anyone know what happened to this company? They haven't updated their stuff since 2016 and everything is out of stock. I'm very interested in picking some of these up:

    -Brock Smith
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    Bought the Cinevate horizon after using the Prosup Tango and the Movietech sliders a lot. Movietech slider dolly is a great product but much more expensive then the Cinevate. Problem with the Prosup is the connection of the two rods is to flimsy. If money and weight is not an issue I would recommend the Movietech. If money and time on set is an issue I would recommend the Cinevate. Available in 3 4 and 5 foot, nothing longer.
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