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    It seems all a bit of preference but form my sort of natural look I would choose D almost exclusively except if I want a little less sat or contrast then A, with a splash of E here and there.
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    A would be my first choice.
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    A and D... for the car D is better :) For the girl I'm little bit confused I liked all heheh
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    A and D for everything but the car, for the car B.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Brantley View Post

    C - First Girl
    C - Phil
    D - Makeup Girl
    C - Third Girl
    G - Car
    C or F - Two Asia Girl
    C or F - Buildings

    I'm viewing on a 55" LG B6 Oled
    I'm viewing on a 27" Dell monitor, and I agree with Frank's choices.
    It's that natural "dynamic range Plus" look.
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    Good feedback people. I'll aggregate these notes as well as a few others outside of RU. It's nice to hear that not just one is "perfect" actually.
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    A... But it's a little too saturated for my tastes.
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    After a second look on a separate day, I think I prefer D now.

    It has the most pleasing transition in skin to shadows for me. I also feel it removes a yellow tinge in skin that I find myself dialing out of Red footage frequently. I also tend to like blues that push more in the cyan direction so it also covers that.

    Those are all actually the same reasons I picked F originally, but on second look, the blues are pushing too cyan for a base color and the yellow tinge removal is making skin go a little bit too pink. Everything in moderation. :)

    While I am okay with most of them. I definitely do not like B, C, or G. B is too punchy and saturating reds to the legal limit in the car. I have a feeling the car's paint is actually a little on the orange side in real life, especially when comparing to the face-paint frame. C makes skin look dead. And G has too much yellow going on in skintones as well as too much mid-tone contrast that makes it feel more like a gritty photograph, less motion-picture-esque.
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    Mostly D for me, with some difficulty on a few -- usually between D & F.
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