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I had no idea that a calibrating software literally maps to the screen and reads the "geography". Very cool and it makes me understand my a good monitor is needed. Flanders=Earthworks.
okay, I think I confused you ;-)

the cal sw does not account for any of the screen's uniformity - it only knows what the probe reports. And the probe is usually positioned in the center of the screen. so when u're finally calibrated, what is actually calibrated is the center of the screen, where the probe took readings and the cal sw created offsets for.

On consumer end, lower end displays, the uniformity deviations of the panel will cause the calibration to be way less good once u move off that center spot.

so, if u're grading somebody in your shot on the far left it may be that the contaminated skin tone u're seeing is because of ur screen, not necessarily because of the capture.