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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexander Thomson View Post
    1.5x squeeze. But I don't know of any base lenses that fall in the 24-50mm range... strange.
    Hmm... the plot thickens!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Lindsay View Post
    That is my understanding..(unless it is a rear deal which it is not..)
    AFAIK it is the other way around. With front-anamorphics the focal lenght of the base lens stays the same, but the squeeze provides a wider field of view than a spherical lens of the same focal lenght. Basically a wide-angle adapter that only affects horizontal direction.

    Rear-Adapters, in contrast, are basically Teleconverters that affect only one direction, and as with teleconverters the FOV horizontal FOV doesn't get wider - because the anamorphic element at the back can't magically make the field of view wider than what "the front of the lens" captured, but the vertical field of view becomes tighter.

    The Back-Anamorphic sort of "crops and vertically stretches" the spherical image optically. That's also why they don't exhibit that "anamorphic look".

    Basically: a front-adapted 50mm and a rear-adapted 25mm give you the same field of view, but to avoid confusion the rear-adapted lenses (traditionally only zooms) are designated with their effective FOV in the anamorphic format. So no matter what type of lens, when you call for a 50, it will act the way you would expect an anamorphic 50 to act.

    At least that's true for all the rear-converted Panavision Zooms (Focal lenghts always double in the anamorphic versions of the lenses) or the older Cookes (the 25-250 always being designated a 50-500 in anamorphic).

    The P+S Lens seems to be front-anamorphic so the base lens should be a 35-70mm.

    The newer Panavison and Hawk Front Anamorphic Zooms are designed from the ground up and have no "base lens" in that sense...

    Just my 2cts 
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    In Los Angeles, Hot Rod Cameras is the new headquarters for P+S Technik products including the new CS (CinemaScope) 35-70mm and the forthcoming 70-200mm CS. You can see a demo 35-70mm at Cine Gear and after the show the lens will be back in our Burbank shop where it is available for demo. Currently, this is the only 35-70mm CS in the country. In the tests/demos we've done lately (starting at the Koerner Lens Summit) the lens has been very well received so far.

    1.5x squeeze ratio is very close to an ideal aspect ratio for "Open Gate" so you end up with close to the 2.39:1 aspect ratio with minimal cropping. It's a beautiful anamorphic lens and extremely well priced considering the quality. If you're not in the area, The "CS" was included in the recent ShareGrid Anamorphic test and it performed extremely well.

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