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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Holland View Post
    Erm.. I'm not so down on the CP.3s as you are Dom, like not even close. The Sigmas are good too in a different direction. And honestly from the CP.3s I've had on my camera (protoype only) I can't fathom how you think those are worse than say your FDs for instance......

    For Scarlet-W I'd aim at the 28mm personally, but that's just me. I have a suspicion more are coming too.

    A nice 4 lens set would be the 18, 28, 50, and 85mm in my opinion.
    Phil have you tried the CP.3 28? Does it have the "Hollywood" 28mm Zeiss/Zeiss Contax rendering? I love 28mm on full frame 35 and my 28 f2 Contax will be one of the first ones on my Stormtrooper/Monstro8k when I get it this week. I am really hoping that the CP.3 28 is something special.
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