I finally ran into a corrupted card situation this past weekend on a remote shoot. We have had incredible luck with Red Mags for the last 6 years of shooting with our Red One, Epic and Scarlet.

Unfortunately, the luck ran out on Sunday and all of a sudden our mini-mag wasn't being recognized by our Scarlet.

When we got the mini mag connected to the computer it mounted as an Untitled drive with 180 GB available but zero items in the root folder.

We decided to run RedUndead 2.0 and followed the pdf instructions to the letter in Terminal. After checking our spelling, spaces and backslashes, checking them all again and hitting enter the command came back and invalid. We called a DIT friend and he mentioned that terminal is case sensitive and that we needed to spell it as "REDundead" in the command line - contrary to the pdf instructions included with the tool.

so this is the line that worked for us in terminal noting the spaces required as outlined in the pdf instructions.

sudo REDundead /dev/rdisk#/destination/ path

Hope this helps those in need of recovering files from a corrupted card. Never fun.

And we were able to recover all files via the software.