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    I picked up a buddy's Inspire 1 with an X5 camera and I'm beginning the homework of how to set the thing up so it makes an image that cuts reasonably with Dragon footage. I know all the nitty-gritty of what it puts out file-wise and how that compares to RED footage, but I'm looking for a starting point. If anyone out there has a recipe, I'd hugely appreciate it. I intend on using their log and converting to REC709 for the grade.

    Thanks so much!
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    You're dead-on going log and moving from there. The camera has a magenta shift (though a lot less than the x3) so sometimes doing some tint back towards green helps as a starting point, especially because of Red's affinity for a green cast.

    Make sure to transcode your footage to a 10bit color space (like ProRes 422) before color, otherwise you'll get lots of artifacting even with basic color.
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    I have intercut a lot of X5 and Dragon stuff, looks great.

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