Hi everyone,

I just rent a Raven because my Weapon Dragon is in update for Helium. All my dsmc2 accessories are working on it but I still have a problem with my Redvolt XL module when it is attached to the base expender.

When I only attach the base expender and connect it to the mains, all is working well but the camera thinks it's the I/O expander and not the base expender (I checked in the menu).

Then, I plug the Redvolt XL module behind the base expender. The camera does not reconize it, impossible to use my Redvolt XL batteries.

Then, I decided to remove the base expender and just plug the Redvolt XL Module. It's working, the module is reconized by the camera.

Maybe the Raven can't support two modules, I just wanted to know if you had the same problem.

Thank you folks!