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    hey guys,

    Quick question - I'm traveling out of the US to Myanmar w/ my Epic-W, lenses and 4x Switronix 98 batteries. Has anyone had a problem doing this? You're allowed to carry on 4 V-Mounts as long as they're under 100wh right?

    When I used to travel as an animator customs agents would look at my Mac Pro (trash can Model) that they had never seen before and we're concerned as to what it was. Hopefully my Epic will be more identifiable...

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    I would strongly suggest you getting a "Carnet" - essentially a passport for your gear, that way when you return to the USA, you won't get hit with tax/customs fees. Just search Carnet and a load of websites will pop up.

    In terms of carrying the camera, I'm not sure what the rules are for Myanmar, but typically you can travel with an unlimited amount of batteries under 100w/h, and they MUST be carried on the plane. You can travel with up to (3) 1005-160W/H batteries, with 1 being attached to the camera, as well.

    The RED cams look like cameras, so you shouldn't have any issues, but they'll probably bomb swab it for sure. My bags have been swabbed so many times, while other times, no swabbing at all. haha
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