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    Hi Gang,

    Suggestions for a super light tripod for a stripped down Epic-W for a Caribbean trip???
    Be nice to have a decent head on it to try some pans but light and easy to
    deal with are more important. ( i'll work around the shortcomings)


    Curtis Boggs

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    I own an O'Connor 1030 setup, but rented a second tripod for a shoot in Spain. I ended up using the Sachtler FSB-8 and LOVED it. After I got back from that trip, I ended up buying one. Great tripod for a lightweight RED Setup.
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    I suggest Miller DS-10 or DS-20 head and Miller Solo Carbon Fiber legs. I believe they also have an even cheaper 'Air' head. Or you could try a Really Right Stuff FH-350 head and carbon fiber legs.
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    A similar question was asked here:
    Quote Originally Posted by AndreasOberg View Post
    I'm looking for the impossible combination of a cheap and light tripod head. I'm thinking max 400 dollars.
    This is for the situations when you cannot bring a big tripod with us. We have the Sachtler Video 20 S1 head which is 4kg.
    Now I'm looking for something to pair with a Gitzo Series 1 Traveler sticks (1kg).
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    What did you settle on? What was travel size / weight?
    I have been using this (Manfrotto owns now I believe)
    But might not meet your needs of 'portable' depending on how small it has to pack
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    If you can find a pair of Induro 100mm carbon fiber sticks, these are the best bang for your buck.
    They are discontinued, but available randomly on eBay or Amazon.
    Paired with a Manfrotto 509 head is the lightest / cheapest / most heavy duty combo I need
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    +1 Miller solo carbon stiks.
    The most versatile tripod stick ever made (I know of) ;-). Very light.
    It goes from 30cm to 200cm in 15 seconds (if you are Fast) ;-)
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    The Gitzo 5562 (or 5563) is the most versatile tripod I have ever seen.
    Carbon Fiber, 100mm bowl, can handle 40Kg(88ibs), can go as low as 4.3" and as high as 9'.1" (9.9cm to 277cm).
    It weighs 3.5kg (7.8lbs).
    Can also be swapped out for photo head/columns.

    Pretty much a great travel tripod for low to high and can be a great backup on shoots, where you may need an emergency B tripod or instead of a high hat.
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    +1 on the Sachtler DV8-SB! It'll handle just about any basic RED package and weighs almost nothing with the carbon sticks.
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    Another +1 on the Sachtler FSB8 head, I use Manfrotto 535 legs - killer combo when you want lightweight!
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