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    Quote Originally Posted by Thai Christen View Post
    According to Red engineers there are variations in Helium sensor. Some are more greenish than others.
    Mine is definitey on the greener side. Sometimes -20 Tint to compensate. Not sure your Lut would be much help though.
    The LUT does expect white balanced footage, so some of the tint would need to be manually corrected. With that said, the Alexa LUT does pull some green out of the image - especially skin tones.
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    Had a look at the R3D.

    What is the light source?

    If it is the window, are there Trees outside that window? I end up with a lot of heavy green tint that needs to be removed when I do real estate photography, trees and grass can bring a lot more green into a scene than you might think.

    Also, glass and coatings will affect tint severly. The difference between my vintage Nkion Primes and my Leica R are very noticable in side by side tests with extact sam lighting conditions.

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    I too have had the same issue, I sent my camera back to RED on the upgrade to the weapon, and they said it was all fine. But it is not. I can sometime get a neutral colour at 5600 tint -16.
    I would love a Red rep to address this issue, even my clients know of the issue.

    I have also noticed that the sdi does not show the tint so much , but the files that come through on the cards are green.

    Life on set is busy enough with out having to deal with bad colour. I would not expect that from any other professional camera.

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    Do you have any R3d files or frames/stills of the problemed files?
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