Thread: what was once upon time was hot is not so much....

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  1. #1 what was once upon time was hot is not so much.... 
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    Robert Kurhajetz | Reston, Virginia

    "Facts are the air of scientists. Without them you can never fly." Linus Pauling

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    It's about time.
    David Fuller
    AirStream Pictures
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    Thankfully. One of my older targets to compete with. Ironic.
    An explorer explores new ideas and things, but somebody stuck in mud, complains.
    - But the explorer complains about how much better the territory he has discovered is instead.

    -Since when has denying that the possible is possible been reason? Such is the life of some skepticism.
    -Normalcy involves what is realistically possible, not just what you say.
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    Forgot Flash was still out there.
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