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    It has been pretty quiet from us since the announcement. That doesn’t mean we aren't Mach 8 hair on fire… just the way we like it.

    1. Mikael from Foolcontrol just acknowledged that he will fully support HYDROGEN.

    2. "Ground-breaking, barrier-smashing, bar-raising and badass.” JJ Abrams after seeing HYDROGEN.

    3. Major world carrier signed to carry HYDROGEN in all stores… will announce soon.

    4. System design and integration is 3 steps ahead of when we announced.

    5. Working prototypes are being shown. It is real. Look for posts next week.

    6. The current offer to order early will expire soon. Jump on or suffer remorse.

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    Can't wait! When using it as a monitor it would be cool to have a wireless module so there would be no cables. Then you could just pop it off a phone holder to go from camera monitor mode to foolcontrol mode while walking around.
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    Abrams approved ;)
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    Damn fine.

    Edit: I'm still betting that it will be early.
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    Can't wait to get my hands and eyes on one!
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    Thanks for the update Jim! I'm so excited, can't wait to see more! -
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    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the update. I have a couple of questions. I called the order line a week or so after placing the order to switch from the Al to Ti. The young man I spoke with did not have a clear answer to either of these questions.

    1). Is there a difference in hardware and/or performance between the two models?

    2). I've already paid for the Aluminum version. Can I switch my order to the Titanium by paying the difference without losing my place in line?

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    Is there any performance difference between the two models? Bought an aluminium to save on looks, but if there is a difference, I'd like to be able to upgrade the order.
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    looks like I need to get another one then :)
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    Love it! Thanks!
    Tobias Straka

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