Thread: Engineering is hard work, especially if you don't understand your basic assumptions

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  1. #1 Engineering is hard work, especially if you don't understand your basic assumptions 
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    Solar Roadways up close - a scientist visits the Solar Roadways installation in Idaho and shows just how pathetic the project is:


    I suppose it's easier to get government grants than it is to build surface-level solar panels that work. This makes me appreciate RED even more - both the engineers and the management.
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    1) this guy doesn't help his argument any by being a completely smug and self-satisfied p**ck. I've met dozens like him, particularly in England, and I don't care for this "make myself look smart by pointing out someone else's failings" attitude.

    2) he's so excited to point out that the housing for the demo screen thing is craply put together. Who cares, apart from the mouth-breather trying to score points off other people's mistakes?

    3) f**k this guy.

    4) and this is my main point: I'd rather have one person trying to make massive strides forward in technology and failing (and hopefully then iterating), then 10,000 of this guy, shitting on what someone else is attempting without offering any solutions of his own.

    5) f**k this guy. Again.
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