All new Pixel Design.
2/3rds of a stop greater dynamic range than Dragon VV.
In Camera IPP2.
Increased color accuracy.


$29,500 as a sensor upgrade to existing CF DSMC2 Weapon camera owners
$14,500 as a sensor upgrade to existing DSMC2 Weapon Stormtrooper owners
$79,500 as a new Monstro VV Weapon camera.

If you have an existing VV Dragon paid pre-order in, your order will be changed to a VV Monstro Automatically, and we will pay the difference of the upgrade cost. Thanks for waiting.. and sorry again that it took so long to tame the VV process.

Starts shipping to existing VV reservation holders today.

Monstro VV vs Dragon VV low end noise comparison :

And an awesome boring graph chart just because why not :

Cleigh taking Monstro for a test drive :