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    If this isn't the right section to post this into, my apologies. If there is a different section of this forum I can post it to I will gladly delete this post and post it there.
    If possible I'd like to get this into the market place forum to be able to warn potential buyers.

    My URSA Mini Pro and DJI Ronin packages were stolen while out on a rental. I believe they were stolen in Van Nuys, not sure on specific city, just sure it was in the Valley; will confirm with the renter.

    Some distinguishing marks on the URSA Mini Pro are a strip of velcro assistant side on the top of the body, a small nick on the bottom right corner of the LCD screen from closing it improperly, SmallRig Top Cheese Plate, and the serial number is xxxx985.

    The other pieces in my camera package includes a Pelican 1650 with TrekPak dividers, 128GB Transcend CFast 2.0 Card, 128GB KomputerBay CFast 2.0 card, Lexar USB 3.0 Card Reader, two 93Wh IDX batteries (labeled A1 and A2 with a white label and black font and softside velcro on the back) with dual charger, one 147Wh IDX battery (with soft side velcro on the back), BlackMagic Video Assist 5" with an "A.Santos" label and small velcro strips on the sides and an adhesive left from a velcro strip on the top, ProAm sunhood, DIN to BNC with right angle adaptor, right-angle DIN to BIN with right angle adaptor, SmallRig knockoff 15mm Baseplate with two rails, short SmallRig articulating arm, Aputure articulating arm, SmallRig NATO top handle, BlackMagic URSA Mini Shoulder Kit, six LP-E6 Batteries labeled A1, A2 (Canon OEM), B1, B2 (Wasabi Power), C1, and C2 (RavPower), three LP-E6 chargers (Canon OEM, Wasabi Single Channel, RavPower Dual Channel), HTC USB Wall plug.

    Defining characteristic on Pelican case is the extending handle's plastic is fraying a bit from being pushed against gravel, a small A3 label near the top, and a strip of black gaff tape on the front cover.

    Understandably, all labels have probably been removed lol. There are a few other characteristics, if you think you have found it, contact me so I may be able to check it out and let you know what else to look for.

    For the DJI Ronin, the defining characteristics are two intelligent batteries labeled "A.Santos", I believe DJI extension arms (I bought this second hand on RedUser from user Lawrence Kim), and the DJI Grip to make it function closer to a Movi. The bluetooth connection username would be "ASantos" and the case had red paper tape also labeled A.Santos, which I am surprised has stayed on through many rentals haha.

    You can find both these listings on my ShareGrid account.
    URSA Mini Pro Package:
    Ronin Base Package:

    Insurance is taking care of it as the renter has placed a claim through their insurance and has started the process to file a police report, I have also made a claim through ShareGrid and have been told by my insurance to hang tight as they sort it out on his end. For the time being it looks like I am out of these packages for at least a month, let me know if you have any leads and any other places to post this! I have posted or will post to BMCUser, RedUser, several Facebook groups, and the BMD Forum.

    Thank you so much and you can contact me at

    Have a great day everyone!
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