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    Im sure this is all sounding pretty bad right now. But has anyone had any success in painting out the lines? Using some post apps like After Effects? Its kind of a bandaid on the real issue but it might save the shoot or at least get you thorough the project.
    There is a plug in I use sometimes to fix lines or issues that are line like and the plugin also has a paint out cables for shots that have wire work supporting actors.
    The companies name is RE:Vision Effects and the plug in is ReFill:
    I use it to paint out pesky dead pix on stills cameras and have used it many time to get rid of a power line that ran through a shot.
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    Sorry for my ignorance here...

    Is there an official spec sheet at to various intensities of light and types of laser light (Wavelength) and energy and equivalent duration that trashes a sensor/induces permanent artifacts (for RED sensors / cameras) ?


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