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  1. #41 Now tring caddy 

    I read an article that you posted in reducer.

    That's RED's OLPFCaddy article.(very useful and amazing Technic!THX)

    I have a 3D print and am now trying to attach it to my camera.

    However, when I wear the device, it comes out a little.

    Is this something wrong?

    Do I have to remove the metal fittings behind the OLPF in the attached photo?

    I would like advice...

    Photo hear..
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    I am also a S-W user, Have you got any results with the adapter? I've been looking at another adapter for a year (DSMC2 Speedmount) but its price seems very high. I want to know how reliable it is, or if it is simply a DIY that I'm not going to be able to use in any production. In my case I have to purchase the VV mount, the OLPF, and the Speedbooster. Its around 1500€ for this vs the 3500€ for the Speedmount
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