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    The only tungsten/blue issue I've noticed with the MX is when the exposure is bungled/overexposed when shooting tungsten. Most problems I've experienced in post have been user error or a bad bulb or unbalanced/mixed light source.

    Clipped highlights can look really wrong. Expose, color balance properly and filter properly in camera and use whatever light source you want. But I'd agree that Dragon and Alexa are more forgiving.
    Jimmy Gilmore
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    Very interesting, I actually ended up pushing the MX really hard in super low tungsten light to test this out. I'm still having no problems with noise at all. Only practicals were used, A little dark but I was still pleased with the look. The last shot was only lit by a TV in the other room. No noise reduction was used. Here's the test video

    Also I ended up getting the quasars and love them! I got the 3000K balanced tubes but next I'm going to get some daylight ones as well. I decided to use them on a night rooftop for a test shot. I balanced them all the way down to 2000K in RedCine for a super blue look , and still no noise issues at all which I was surprised by since the MX needs blue light. I gave it 3000K and it still held up just fine. Also no noise reduction. Here's the video
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