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    Fixed optical design and restrictive screen sizing abilities / input options... So not ideal for a lot of installations, yet it’s a compelling product.
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    This projector looks like it's after the consumers don't own TVs anymore and just use their laptops. The fact that you can project it on your ceiling, is great for the person that watches movies on their bed. The fact it has a handle, LG expects you move this projector around the house.

    I imagine the price is going to cost around $2000 to $2500. Xiaomi has a great new laser projector at around $1750. Only 1080p output, but brighter than the LG, and it's not a short throw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Kilgroe View Post
    Fixed optical design and restrictive screen sizing abilities / input options... So not ideal for a lot of installations, yet it’s a compelling product.
    How to position few thousand of highly sensitive bucks within kicking range.
    Hope it comes with kids/klutz/pets/happy feet/beverage protection.

    I'm waiting for the next version housed in Gorila Glass so it's tougher than normal glass.

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    Even Dell is shitting out a $6K USTP this year and getting into "digital cinema" stuff for the home. What weird times we live in!
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    So much for LG's perfect blacks. There won't be a real black in any room with that bright-light projector. . . ever! Today's OLED screens are simply amazing.
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    I was looking for a ultra short throw and was eying up the Epson, it's a laser projector. What put me off (without being able to try or see) is that they are very susceptible to the flatness of the projection screen or wall - they distort very easily. What is interesting about this LG one is the compact size, meaning the possibility of a small high quality projector.

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    Hang it upside down from the ceiling.
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