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    great specs, can't wait to check it out!
    Chad Lancaster
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    This just keeops getting better and better,,,
    Red Dragon #8237 "Skippy"

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    Sounds awesome. Very excited about this phone - and the modules to come! So glad I ordered 2x Titanium on the first day :)

    Right now I have a Samsung S8+ which has the same CPU, a larger display and a smaller battery and the battery life's pretty good on that, but I was directing VR stuff yesterday and using it to monitor and I blew through the battery and had to plug into external power by lunchtime.

    So, thumbs up on that nice big battery. AND the idea of having a nice clean plug in system!

    I think people really haven't thought through how damn brilliant this is going to be.

    People may bitch about Android vs iPhone but let's be honest - when you get onto film sets all of your filmmaking gear isn't running either. It's running some stone-age 80s proprietary OS... and EVERY PIECE OF EQUIPMENT RUNS A DIFFERENT ONE. And they all don't talk to each other.

    I don't want to learn some stupid OS and new set of UI conventions for each on-set monitor or sound recorder or wireless mic setup or A/V switcher I use.

    Imagine when we have everything on set running Android and it all just talks to each other.

    Maybe it's running some proprietary realtime thing under the hood for performance reasons... but at least on a basic level there's Android sitting on top syncing metadata and providing basic communication.

    All cameras running Android.
    Director's monitor running Android.
    Sound recorder's running Android (or heck, make a pro audio module for HYDROGEN and give it to the sound guy and tell it to sync timecode & metadata... maybe it can even wi-fi transmit the audio for each take over to the camera HYDROGEN in the background over lunch or in downtime so we can have synced up files at the end of the day!)
    Wireless audio recorder / transmitter's running Android.
    Slate's running Android.
    Scripty's running Android.
    Lighting DMX controller's running Android.
    Drone's running Android.
    VTR play / record running Android.
    Motion control's running Android.
    Live Streaming's running Android.
    File backup's running Android.
    Pre-Vis / 3D VFX preview's running Android.
    Motion capture's running Android.

    Yeah, stuff might not be perfect realtime / sync / whatever... but at least all of the damn metadata can stay basically on the same damn page and everything can talk to each other.

    And a lot of things can be 10x cheaper and 10x easier.

    Ah man, life's going to be great.

    Bruce Allen
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    Thanks for the update !

    Will the demo at RED studios be before or after unlocked phones start shipping ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jannard View Post
    Sorry it took so long to post an update. Lots of moving parts on this one. I promise that updates will come fast and furious for the next few months. It will be a relief when we get permission to talk about all the partners lined up to support HYDROGEN. But our biggest supporters are right here...

    This great news and thank you for posting! I can't wait for the cinema grade camera module. I am currently saving and putting cash a side for this add on. I really hope it is possible for a module or two to be released near the same time as the phone
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    Thanks for the update! Looking forward to see what's next.
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    I've never been so excited about throwing $1,500 at something I know nothing about on the first day it was announced.

    Los Angeles | | Epic-W #6284 | Epic-W # 4573 | @dcchavez
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    R3D? Interested in what the codec will be.
    Brent Miller Jr.
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    Thanks Jim.

    When you say that it shoots 3D to 4V on the phone. Does that mean a 4 camera lens in phone at 4kp25/30 (835) or 4kp50/60 capable, or better than that? That is what I've been hoping for. I don't need a perfect image, but small sensor multipoint is fine as long as it's HDR video mode reaches into 16 stops territory, and it can reach into starvis sensor range in low light. That would be a very usable phone camera.

    I'm more interested in documentary for prosperity, which means a minimum multipoint of this spec. Then the footage should be good and watchable for future generations of TV. Higher up the documentary spec would be the cinema multipoint camera and higher specs. Everything me and Mark Toia would want. The Hydrogen with the spec above would be good for basic low budget documentaries, which currently would be done with a camcorder or phone. Scientifically, a camera of over 30 stops and multispectral is usable for nature documentaries, or scientific use.

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    It's still fairly mobile no matter what modules you add to it?

    Can you mount red bricks for extra power duration?

    Can you cut 3D and hologram in redcine until other apps add support? If so can I put music under the holograms?

    I recently lost my staff job and offer to beta test it for you if needed? I'll just shoot like all day and give you the holograms? May the records show I'm great at finding and reporting bugs?

    Thx and looking forward regardless cuz hiking with Alexa's isn't humanly possible lol! I been doing like ten mile days and stuff like that so this looks like a great unit to shoot some cool stuff on while being remotely on trails or mountains
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