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    Hi Brian, love the look of your product - I've put my name down for the GB for eMotimo ST4 kit plus a Dana Dolly Rental Kit (to use with our Red Epic W). I already own Kessler Stealth slider which we'll continue to use for our Sony mirrorless setup. Will the ST4 kit integrate with the Kessler or is different motor etc required Cheers, Pete

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Burling View Post
    Thanks for the shout out!

    Hey Abioden,
    I run eMotimo and have been working with Phil. Also a RED user and working through the RED integration path. We should be able to show off the basics within the next 3 weeks. I won't get into specifics until we have something to actually show off and prove, but I think it can really help streamline difficult portions of VFX workflow.

    If there is enough interest, we could put together a Group Buy out here. Let's see where it goes!

    Best regards,
    Brian Burling
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeb B View Post
    Everything I have ever owned of Kessler was a bit sloppy in design with poor fit - so had backlash / weird play in it making it spend way more time in the closet than on set
    I agree with this, plus do you really want wires hanging off in every direction possible?

    The Emotimo spectrum is so sleek and easy to use. I think you would have to be a bit crazy to pay more for the much harder to setup, sloppy, heavier kessler setup. Personally I think their products are way overrated and the spectrum is leagues beyond any motion controlled products they sell.
    Daniel Kelly Brown

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    Finally got my track and Dana Dolly. Looking into slider stands and looks like there is special pricing for the American Studio Equipment special low boy combo type stand for the Dana Dolly. Is it worth the extra $92.50 per stand for the wheels? I'll need at least three of them for the longest length I can put together. I also have the Kessler system which is nice, but wouldn't you know it, the Dana pioe is ever so slightly wider then the Kessler track, so it is a tight squeeze. Also likely selling my Kessler Shuttle dolly as I don't need both, and the eMotimo ST4 is made for the Dana Dolly.
    Epic W
    Brian Pascale
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    I got wheels for my low boy combo stands and love them. I found that it allowed me to set up several different angles for the dolly move in a very short period of time, then in post I could cherry pick the one that fit the edit best. For me, at least, this was much faster than spending time on set trying to figure out the "perfect" angle. YMMV.

    Cheers - #19
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    Yep, I'll echo what Blair said. Having wheels or casters on your stands helps loads if you find yourself doing a few setups in a day in a studio-ish location. You spend far less time setting up. I use a few stands with the DD end supports, all of them either have wheels on them or you can attach them.
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