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    Quote Originally Posted by Troy Bakewell View Post
    Where did u hear this from? Just curious.

    Last I heard everything was on hold.
    Troy, I may have misspoke before. This is the latest posted by Jim today on h4vuser.

    "Sorry for being offline for so long. Trying to get a modification to a tool has proven to be challenging. No real delivery news until we get this sorted out and pass certification. This is quite annoying to me and I assume all of you as well. We seem to be in this together. Jim"
    I live on the edge of financial ruin and have ever since the RED One, (And yes, I can still laugh about it.) :)
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    I have not found Hydrogen service to be lacking. I asked about cancelling my order and it was pretty easy for me to do, with no pushback from RED. I'm still very interested in Hydrogen, mainly for capturing 3D objects into a Unity environment, but I have decided to take a wait-and-see approach rather than continuing to kickstart RED. I also have a feeling there is more to the Hydrogen story.
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