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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeb B View Post
    Tell me why this thread even exists on RED User and why Misha is pimping this brand so hard? If these asshats can reverse engineer and produce a shit version of a RED camera, then perhaps then can also copy and host their own

    I don't get why the Mod's her are so accommodating with this spamming of knock-off products. My vote is to have these MAVO promotions, and their authors, fuck off this site. I have a substantial investment in RED products and see no value in having this forum assist Mandarin 'copy watch' companies.
    If the existence and discussion of a low budget camera, knock-off or not is enough for you to worry about the safety of your investment in Red, then you have some pretty big issues with your business model!
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    To be fair, an argument could be made that RED should reverse engineer their power techniques (MAVO is like 12wh compared to 60wh) as well as their weight saving techniques (2lbs with IO + media + mount) as well as their interchangeable mount design (shallow enough to support everything, including mirrorless and focal reducers)...

    Everything Kinefinity is doing is in the right direction (...on paper). It's just a matter of getting their brand/name/support/availability up to par. They could potentially "DJI" the industry in 2-3 years (y'know, presuming DJI doesn't do it first). And Prores RAW support will definitely have a positive impact on Kinefinity.

    Ironically, the problem I have with MAVO specifically is the price. They should stick to sub-$8k shootable until their adoption rate and/or store penetration is higher. If push came to shove, I don't know many (working) shooters who would choose a MAVO over a used RED Dragon, and you can get those shootable packages for around the same price (if not less).
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    I hope the big NLE's will support KineRAW2.0(=CineformRAW), it's one of the lightest (RAW) codecs there is at the moment and it's upto 16 bits and only around 20% more data than .R3D with the same quality.
    Good quality SATA SSD's can write 500 MB/s with ease so you should be able to shoot mathmatical lossles below 30 fps at 6k.

    12/16-bit CFA Bayer RAW, log encoded and compressed at 12-bit progressive
    6k DCI 6016x3172x16bits=305 Mbits/frame x 50(max)=15.26Gbit/s / 8=1.9GB/s x (12/16)= 1.43GB/s / 3 = 477 MB/s with 3:1 ratio

    Decoding 6k CineformRAW can be done on a laptop processor(6core/12thread), ProResRAW is only 12 bits color and is fast because you can use FP16 instead of FP32(which the professionals use) with 16 bits color.
    For max 10 bits color output, ProResRAW should be sufficient(10 bits TV), for the big screen 14..16 bits is desirable to get a nice 12 bits color output.

    When the total quality is good I don't have a problem with the price.
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    Came across this footage by Sigurd Neby. 80% of this footage is Kinefinity Terra 4K, the other 20% is EVA1 (Sound Recordist based in Auckland, NZ. Happy to travel too)
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