Thread: What is the practical point of having a Helium 8K??

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul engstrom View Post
    8k Helium LOVES lenses. Old ones. New ones. Cool ones. Weird ones. Shoot 8k with Summicron-C. Shoot 6k with old wide dodgy but pretty Cooke Panchros. No other camera does as good a job with as large an array of 35mm and S35mm lenses as the RED Weapon Helium.

    Its easy to match cameras in post. Much harder to match any Optimo except the EZ line (nice glass!) with any modern prime on RED 6k for the old sensors or 8k on the new (or Arri 3.2k) due too the illumination falloff inherent in the Optimos. But on Helium - shoot 7k and have a great time.

    Plus reframing, etc.

    Lenses. Don't underestimate them.

    Regarding low-light. Do you have a lighting budget? If you do, the Helium sensor is plenty bright. It is certainly not a dark sensor.

    If you don't have a lighting budget then there are a host of other considerations that come into play here.

    Gemini looks to be an excellent wildlife camera and also documentary camera and specialty situation camera for budgeted projects.

    That 8k Helium is killer nice if you want to exploit a range of glass
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    I just went Monstro because I’ve always loved the Vista look, but the Helium sensor is just absolutely gorgeous. Didnt regret at all going from Dragon to Helium, shot amazing footage and lots of high speed without any issues because of “crop” or “noise”. With ipp2 its a winner for everything.
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    Take a look at this...
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    I have just been viewing some of our material on a 4k TV and I can say that the image from Helium is a LOT sharper than what I'm used to coming from our 5.1k Epic MX. This is of course because the image has been downsampled. There are several sharpness problems with a 5k image downscaled to 4k such as:
    - Debayer filter will loose sharpness always when you are close to 100%
    - The low pass filter will significantly reduce sharpness. The lowpass filter will be much less aggresive if the resolution is higher.
    - Also remember that not all lenses will cover well on Gemini so you may be shooting at 4.5k which is a bigger problem than going from 8k to 7.5k

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