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    Epic W vs Gemini? I would Say Gemini. DSMC2 Helium vs Gemini? Different tools for different jobs.

    The Helium does 8K60fps. This is 32megapixels per frame. If your work doesn't require going beyond the common broadcast, web and cinema spec, maybe having 8K resolution is not important. However, there is much work now for 8K specific content related to, specially 2020. With the Tokyo Olympics, we are going to see a big, big wave of 8K content demand and equipment coming up. Is this relevant for cinema or international broadcast for the short term? Maybe not. But with 8K truly coming, every single show or material shot now in 8K will have value in the middle term. Just like my 2012 5K Epic MX footage has value and looks current now.

    Food for thought...
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    I went gemini, and im very happy with it. I also have an Alexa Mini. Gemini looks just as good, I do side by sides and the colors on this camera are just different than helium and dragon. They are coming out with new cameras in 2 years. Buy your gemini and when they come out with the new camera which will probably have the best of both worlds, upgrade. atleast that's my plan. The success of the gemini is definitely going to make RED rethink whats important on their next camera. The BRAND NEW Alexa only shoots 4.5k. I don't think the world cares about resolution as much as some of you guys think they do.
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