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    Hey Redusers, CharmCine just received our Gemini this morning. We are all very excited about this camera and think it will be a big player going forward. He is our initial low light test of the new sensor. A R3D is available to download as well. Some interesting notes, we never saw the blacks dig into the shadow goal post, everything was within the safe range which is awesome. Here are the important details. We shot this low light test at 3200 ISO on a Cooke Speed Panchro wide open at T2.4. Compression was set to 3:1 and recorded at full 5K, IPP2 and the high contrast 4 rolloff was applied. No additional color correction was applied. Enjoy.

    Download R3D from our Dropbox.

    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________________

    For this comparison we shot out the Red Helium, Gemini, Dragon, and Alexa mini. The Reds used the IPP2 pipeline with medium contrast 4 rolloff and the Alexa was shot log with the default 709 LUT applied. The subject and chart were lit to proper exposure according to our light meter and for one instance we increased exposure by +1 stop on the key. For the Dragon sensor which is still using an older ISO calibration we applied a FLUT adjustment to align the color chart for equal exposure. No additional color correction was applied. All sensors were shot at their native full field of view resolution in 16:9 and recorded at best available compression.

    Gemini 5k HD @ 3:1
    Helium 8K HD @ 5:1
    Dragon 6K HD @ 5:1
    Alexa 3.2K HD @ ProRes 444XQ

    Camera w/ 50mm Ultra Prime (T Stop matching Key Light) @ 56000k
    Key: Astra 1x1 w/ Snap Bag into a 4x4 Half soft Frost @ Minimal output - 5600K
    Room Fill: Skypanel bounced off ceiling @ 1% - 5600K
    Practical Bulb: 80% on Dimmer - 3200K

    4k JPEG Stills Available Here:
    R3D @ 3200

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