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  1. #1 time for a change - FCPX or Resolve??? 
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    Interesting in feedback on which way to go.

    I'm an experienced editor and sometimes colourist. Been working with Premiere and Resolve for many years - using Resolve purely for colour - Premiere for offline, sound mixing and mastering (often using Photoshop for titles, lower thirds - don't use After Effects).
    My work is a broad mix of long form doc, corporate and TVCs.
    I'm keen to dip my toes into another editing/finishing package.

    FCPX is intriguing - many speak of the editing speed ad intuitive way of working - I'm Mac based and likely to stay on Macs.
    Resolve would be handy - I colour in it already - but unsure about managing long form projects and audio mixing and finishing/mastering.

    Keen to decide on one to spend some time in, learn and have a good bash - before dropping Adobe.

    Which one should I have a crack at - FCPX or Resolve???

    Many thanks in advance for your thoughts
    le VV Monstro
    and water housing
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    I'd recommend going with Resolve b/c you already know it and the company is incredibly responsive to its user base. I should mention that I'm a PC only user, so I have no experience with FCP-X
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    I switched from Premiere to Resolve as my main NLE since version 12, and never looked back.
    Resolve is IMHO the best NLE I ever used (and I used them all in the last 25 years).
    Now with version 15, and the integration of Fusion, I don't even have to roundtrip to AE anymore.
    Frank Glencairn
    DOP - Director - Colorist
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    Final Cut Pro X if you are a small company and do most of the stuff yourself because of its great plugins support and libraries, Resolve if you are a bigger Post House and cooperate with lots of different artists.
    Sérgio Perez

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    If you don't like to learn new things, FCPX might frustrate you.

    If you do some research into guys like Michael Cioni, Mike Matzdorff, Sam Mestman, and the team that did the Hollywood movies Focus and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, you will be intrigued by their unbridled enthusiasm for the FCPX workflow. If you are willing to step back and do some re-learning (I recommend Ripple Training but there are other good ones), IMO you will never go back.

    Personally, I think you can't help but be impressed with how nicely Resolve is evolving, given that it is based on the "old" editing paradigms created by Avid, the original Final Cut Pro and Adobe. If I weren't a committed FCPX user, I think Resolve would ultimately be where I'd end up.
    Scarlet Dragon
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    FCPX is apple only, Resolve works on Apple, windows and Linux.

    They have the same low price.

    We made the switch from adobe to Davinci Resolve/fusion/fairlight only this year.
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    FCP-x - fastest render times and all around best performance if you're on a mac

    Resolve - best all around experience since you can round trip everything within the same suite now. Still better than premiere in my opinion.

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    I'm in the same boat, thinking of dropping Adobe and moving to Resolve (tired of overpaying for constant crashing).
    Ryan Sauvé | @sauvedp
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    FCP X/MacOs is an optimized platform and it goes faster than DVR (Studio14) with R3d files.
    I am testing a small project at the same time on the two softwares and I'm moving to FCP X.Learning FCP X is easier (it is a more simple software).I didn't need to generate proxy with FCP X on my MacBook Pro (last generation) for the current projet and at my level the new grading feature is adequate.However the fairlight functionalities are more complete.
    I have experienced bugs on FCP X and also DVR.
    I prefer to make my titles on FCP X.More choices.
    The smart bins system on DVR is easier.Node system is a strong feature.Altogether DVR is more powerful but with a more complex learning curve.
    However I will keep an eye on DVR evolution.Having all features we need in the same software is nice.But I feel optimistic with FCP X in the future.
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    I agree with much written in this thread so far.

    What BMD has done with Resolve so far is very impressive and it is easily the most
    feature rich NLE around. I'm intrigued by the ability to essentially perform every stage
    of post production within one app. Yes there does seem to be a steeper learning curve but
    the possibilities are great.

    FCP X's magnetic timeline, key wording, metadata organizing, audio lanes, etc has made for a streamlined
    approach toward editing that allows one to work considerably faster than previous NLEs (my experience at least).
    Apple has definitely figured out a smart way of working with footage that takes a lot of the process (organizing media, track management, timeline Tetris) out of the equation.

    I think there is enough room for both in one's post toolkit. FCP X and Resolve are quite complementary.

    Why not buy both? Both are as much as one year of Adobe's CC.

    Another great thing is both work very well with RED footage.

    Brian Timmons
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