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    "Late and better is better than just late."

    You are way overdue for an update. There are so many things going on with HYDROGEN that I wanted to make sure we finalized everything before posting again. Feature set is now locked down. Since most of you are RED customers and many have placed preorders, I am going to go into a bit more detail than I would normally. You deserve it.

    The launch has been pushed back for two reasons… actually several, but two main reasons.

    1. We have improved the program dramatically by taking a bit more time.

    One example of this is… when we announced, you needed a module to shoot 4V with the HYDROGEN ONE. The module was going to have multiple cameras for realtime 4V and was going to sell for about $750-$1000.

    A few months ago we added 3D cameras front and back to HYDROGEN so you could shoot 3D and convert to 4V without a module. Processing to 4V needed the cloud, your computer or was done VERY SLOWLY on your phone. Much better than a module but still not ideal.

    Now, with a lot of hardware and software work (which created a good portion of the delay)… you shoot 4V realtime on the phone both sides. You monitor your cameras in 4V. You can Face Chat in 4V realtime. You can post 4V immediately. When you shoot, you also get a companion 2D file in your gallery. Of course, you can still select and shoot just 2D.

    This development took some extra time including supply chain adjustments. I made the call. I am quite sure it was the right decision to push the launch if only for this. There are several other significant improvements that we were able to implement given the extra time.

    2. Carrier certification. This is also a big one. This takes more time than we previously thought. Additionally, we are preparing to launch with multiple carriers and organizing a simultaneous launch has proven to be pretty tricky.

    In the end, the launch date has been pushed back to August. The final date will be determined by the carriers and announced as soon as they make the call.

    We have great working advanced prototypes in hand that I am ready to show May 19th at RED Studios. The Leia team will join us to answer any questions regarding the display or shooting and converting to 4V. You will see a variety of content played in 4V. You will see what 4V Face Chat looks like. You will see (and hold) the black aluminum and titanium models, plus one other model we are thinking about releasing. You will probably help us decide whether or not to include it in the lineup.

    Preorders will still ship well before launch… with the “cookie” promised.

    Hope to see you at RSH.


    Adding... Event is May 19th, 4-10PM Stage 1 RED Studios Hollywood.
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    Good things take time —-Thank you Jim
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    Exciting :) How do we sign up for the event?
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    Amazing. Thank you for always striving for better Jim!
    Samir Patel

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    I'm curious about the one other model! Is it gold? :)
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    Awesome news.....4V straight off the bat....

    Exceptional and thank you.

    So glad I only bought a Nokia 'tide-me-over' to see me through to launch.

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    Awesome! Where to we RSVP for the May 19th studio day?!
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    I purchased mine based on the original outline. Past history with you led to me believing you would give us the best tech at launch that you possibly could for the price. It wouldn't surprise me if you are giving us these enhancements at a loss.

    I know you can't help yourself when you put your backing behind one of your products. Whatever the financials of it, it's our gain.

    Thanks for giving us something above and beyond.
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    Thank you very much for the update. I am so looking forward to getting the pre-order. I understand that the questions I have may still be a matter of an NDA, such as price for cinema module and so on, but if its possible to know the right kind of Micro SD card for the RH1 so that I can have one in a little case waiting for it to arrive, that would be really great. I understand if that is still too much of a reveal at this point.

    Thank you again for the update and what promises to be a world changing technology.
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    Great news Jim!

    Thanks for the update
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