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    Hey Eric.. somebody already posted a detailed walkthrough with pics on the forum awhile ago. I used it to replace our scarlet battery. The instructions were in Spanish, but I just followed the pics.

    if memory serves correctly, first you remove the ssd reader... then you remove the plate it’s attached to. Then you remove the circuit board that is exposed, and that should give you access to the battery or at least get you close.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Santiago View Post
    Is there a site with pics or video that show how to do replace this battery?

    Need to attempt with a Scarlet MX.

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    After a lot of searching, it became apparent that this is the only info on how to open a DSMC1 body and replace the internal battery. Well i videoed my BATTERY REPLACEMENT effort and hopefully this will help you DIY too.

    Enjoy and give it a thumbs up if it’s helpful at all 🤙🏽
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    Thanks! I did it a few months ago. It takes a bit of time, but it's well worth it and not too complicated.
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    Thanks for the video.

    What a place to put a "replaceable" part which everyone will need to replace... :)
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    Hola Toni,

    Gracias por resolver este problema para tantos usuarios que no tenemos tan fácilmente acceso a reparar nuestras cámaras.

    Estoy experimentando el mismo problema. Quisiera ver si tienes el link del STEP by STEP que aparentemente se expiro.

    si me lo pudieras postear aqui o enviar a mi email seria estupendo!

    Muchísimas gracias desde Republica Dominicana.

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    Vuelvo a publicar los pasos aquí, pero ahora con la imagen alojada en mi servidor para evitar caducidad.

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    In case the pictures aren't clear enough, here's the process in motion:

    (Link in case you can't see the above video in the thread.)
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    Thanks Toni and Mike P.
    Great work, this was super helpful.
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