Thread: HDMI output on DSMC1 Epic Dragon too much contrast/saturation

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    Flanders Monitors don't have HDMI. They have DVI to avoid HDMI license fees. But DVI is only 8 bit so if the source is more, you may see a quality difference. You also mentioned the you are using an HDMI to SDI convertor, this may also be an issue. If you haven't already tested the HDMI on another monitor, then maybe your HDMI is messed up on your camera. I have noticed on my old DSMC1 my HDMI feed did not match the SDI feed.

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    This was a problem for me on SmallHD because RED sends out full levels on HDMI, and the monitor doesn't scale it correctly out of the box (though you can manually dial it in with OS3). This results in a more contrasty, clippy image. TVLogic seemed to handle it fine, though.
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