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    So I had a client choose a bunch of music from the website "Audio Jungle"
    The music is fine and inexpensive.
    I downloaded the watermarked versions and used it for the edit
    Now that I am finished with the edit, I need to purchase the Full versions of the song...So far so good.
    But here is where it gets tricky

    1. You can't search for the song by the number provided on the Preview Track (WHAT? WHY?)
    2. You also can't search by copying and pasting the name frome the preview Track (SERIOUSLY?)
    3. You can do a keyword search which eventually gives you a name that is similar to what you searched for
    the only way to tell for sure is to listen to each track? (WTF!!!!!!)
    4. AND FINALLY, to just add the cherry on top. Some of the tracks were from a collection, the preview track has
    all of the songs from the collection on the same track. When you Download the full collection, each track is
    individual. WELL, when you want to swap assets, you can't do that anymore.

    So now I have to go through and re edit all of the songs that were taken from Collections!


    What should have taken 5 min, is now taking 2 hrs to fix.

    Who runs this site? Do they not understand the editing process?
    Director of Photography/VFX -Scherperel Cine LLC
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    Agree! Agree! Agree!
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    I've used it a bit and been pretty happy with it but we had the luxury of being able to purchase before starting the edits.

    If you search Google or DuckDuckGo with ' 20495517' using the number you want, the correct track pops up as the first result.
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    So the google search works over the audio Jungle search huh?
    Good to know
    I finally just got all of the files swapped over
    To make matters worse, all of the files were named something completely different from the previews, and then there were multiple of each. So I literally had to match them up by guessing and listening to each one.
    I had like 15 tracks that would normally be done in a few minutes, end up taking almost 3 hours.
    Director of Photography/VFX -Scherperel Cine LLC
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    Before used soundizer to find it but It was two years ago and now that site seams to be brooken. Good to hear you can use google. I used Audio jungle many times and the only problem I can recall is that the preview and the original version did not exactly match in time wich was sad. But for most times it did match perfect. There is good tracks for sure for ultra cheap price on audio jungle, but It take longer to find good work among all crap. So nowdays when client say we want cheap music I say Audio Jungle but you will have to find the track your self. Cause I know they will not pay me to find it since that cost I could find music faster elsewhere (not trying to shit talk audio jungle, its great for the price!!).
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    Honestly Audiojungle is there for when you're very tight on budget. I use Premiumbeat for the mid range work and Epidemic Sound for everything else. Can not recommend Epidemic enough, absolute worlds apart from the competition.
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