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    Just upgraded. Had my 18-35 on, but didn't open it all the way so didn't experience any problem. Will try again.
    I did notice that the fans didn't kick in at full speed when changing to playback.
    The UI seemed snappier.

    BUT: Where did the audio controls go? I can only see adjustments for the headphones. I canīt even find the menu that turns the scratch mic on (they are off now)
    Anyone? Or I'm I just to tiered?

    Edit: restart did the trick. Luckily I took a picture of the menu with only headphones option enabled. So I know I’m not going insane ;-)
    My 18-35 hung the camera when opening all the way. Showed 1.7 and had to turn camera off :-(
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joachim Hoge View Post
    My 18-35 hung the camera when opening all the way. Showed 1.7 and had to turn camera off :-(
    I remember a similar bug with the Sigma 18-35 years ago, but haven't seen it for ages... Hope this gets fixed soon, I guess I'll wait before upgrading since it's not possible to roll back to previous versions.
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    My E-W seems to work ok now, but its disappointing to hear the 18-35 is now not working right.
    The poor firmware code writers at red must be tearing their hair out. It seems like there is always some bug lurking in whatever firmware is released.
    Nino Tamburri
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