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    soooo, which is the most stable, bug-free firmware post 7.0.0?
    Nicholas JS Wise
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    HELIX PRO gimbal w/ ReadyRig exo

    Universal monitor/rx system for Teradek RT FI+Z
    Gold/V-mount battery plate for Letus35 Helix gimbal
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    Senior Member Tom Gleeson's Avatar
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    7.03 has sorted out the issues I was having with the Canon CNE lenses and full communication has been restored.

    I did a shoot the other day and a second camera was used and I was surprised to see it was an Epic MX running a very old FW5.3. The owner rightly pointed out it worked perfectly well so was not keen on a FW upgrade. Hard to argue and was amazed when we turned it on and it was up and running in 10 seconds as opposed to my latest model Monstro with up to date FW that took over a minute to boot up. My Monstro is running more accessories but boot up time has somehow slipped back 10 years to RED ONE days.

    I would add that with the IPP2 workflow really helps with matching the MX footage to the newer sensors
    Tom Gleeson
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    Junior Member Jay Hall's Avatar
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    Just a few notes on Firmware 7.0.4 before you update. (Note: these findings are on a Scarlet-W)

    Sigma 24-70 f2.8 OS image stabilisation not supported
    Sigma 50-100mm f1.8 get a message saying image stabilisation not supported (but this lens has no image stabilisation) and aperture can go down to f1.7 but this doesn't cause camera crash like seen previously
    The side handle is definitely much more responsive and less buggy when using Canon lenses and slightly better when using Sigma lenses. No longer getting an oblique glitch on the screen of my 7inch touch.

    Just some food for thought before upgrading.
    Cinematographer/Content Creator Auckland
    Instagram: @jay.hall
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