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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Probst View Post
    For those that wanna see Epoch projected, we will be screening the film at Cinegear looks like both Friday and Saturday at 12:45PM in the Sherry Lansing Theater on the lot.

    And should the planets align, I'll be doing a Q&A after and showing some more BTS materials and vfx breakdowns as well.

    I'll add official info shortly.
    Chris I was just about to ask about Cinegear showings! so awesome!!

    Curtis Boggs

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    Chris, in one of the BTS pics you posted at the beginning of this thread you are using the old school Bomb EFV, and if I am not mistaken, you prefer the LCOS one right? Just curious....if that is the case...
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    I still have my old LCOS Bomb EVF... I haven't gotten around to upgrading to the newer DSMC2 version. Was looking to pick one up used, as I only really use an eyepiece for shoulder-mounted handheld, like you saw in the making of vids...
    Christopher Probst, ASC
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    Chris, did you use IPP2 or your own LUTs? And if you used a LUT was it in the legacy menu?
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    Thank you for sharing. Amazing works!
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    Thank you Jarred for sharing this film, it is so cool to see what the camera is capable of in different environments.

    and another thank you to Christopher for sharing all your BTS, it was very enlightening! Keep up the great work!
    -Christopher Commons
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