Thread: Red 7" Touch OR 703 Ultra Bright and Sidekick Controls?

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  1. #1 Red 7" Touch OR 703 Ultra Bright and Sidekick Controls? 
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    So I'm trying to decide whether or not to ditch the 7" touch monitor for a better on board such as the SmallHD 703 bright and using sidekick controls. Of course many people would suggest using both but I'm thinking run and gun and having to only use one or the other.

    After using a 7" touch for a few years I think I'd rather have better monitoring quality and a way to select settings without lagging all the time.

    Anyone out there regularly using a DSMC2 camera without a touch monitor? If yes what are your thoughts?
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    Yeah, that's how I worked with my Epic-W upon first arrival. 702+Sidekick. Let me just say that it does work, but if you come from having touch controls I think you'll feel it can be a bit cumbersome. I ended up picking up a 5" touch because somethings I like to use the touch for. Really quick settings changes from the main GUI is where this shines. When I go deep into menus, I end up using my sidekick as a monitor control for the touch because it's helpful. I'm admittedly not a stickler for seeing a perfect image on-board the camera as I've gotten used to the way each monitor is "off" from what the "actual" image is. I was feeling that in some situations my work was potentially suffering slightly because changing on the fly was not as easy (especially handheld) so having the touch was worth it. If you are feeling like your work is suffering from not viewing what you need to make choices from color/lighting, I'd try the 703 route.
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