Our new Cinema equipment rented through Fatlama.com is stolen in London including Camera and Cine lenses kits:
RED Epic Dragon M Cine Camera (S.no- M02642), Mini Mag side SSD, RED LCD touchscreen (S.no: 73010295EC8D), Side handle (S.no:7201029FAE7), Red mini mag 512GB (S.no: 7501302C8DB7), RED PL lens mount etc. The camera was just used 46 hours only.
Zeiss Superspeed Cine Lenses 85mm T1.5 (S.no:50030108), 50mm T1.5 (S.no:50028093), 35mm T1.5 (S.no:50034938), 25mm T2.9 (S.no: 50006878), 18mm 3.6 (S.no: 50002347). Batteries, Chargers, Cables, and cases etc. Please be aware before purchasing these used kits. (Police Ref: CAD5189/10/02/2018)
Lender: Evergreen Media Europe Ltd.
Borrower: Antoine (Whyte) Moradbakhti and Elliot (Turbulent Vision).
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