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    Ive got a 1 month old PC with 8k Full realtime with footage at 5-7:1.

    Asus Prime X299 Deluxe
    i7-7820X OC at 4ghz
    64gb DDR4
    1x GTX 1080ti running 3 monitors at 1920x1080
    4x 2To WD Green on a adaptec RAID card from my old workstation.
    BMD MiniMonitor 4k
    M2 for system, and SSD for software

    3500€ for the whole computer (case, psu...)

    It's insane to be able to do that. I have yet to see it slow down, wether it's Premiere Pro or Resolve.
    Bérenger B. Brillante
    Diffraction Productions
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreas F. Scheucher View Post
    After some Internet Research About 8k it seems the Question is not the decision between P6000 or 1080ti ,it is P600 or Radeon pro ssg. Has anybody informations About this? Thanks.
    I don't know what sites you visited but from my point of view it's far from the true with the software you're using.

    The Radeon Pro SSG is a nice development but the lack of support from software vendors is killing it.

    What you need for RC-X (and Davinci Resolve) in a GPU, is raw fp32 power and memory bandwith. Besides that, you also need a lot of CPU power to decode R3D.

    The current fastest GPU's from NVidia are:

    GV100, 14,8 TFlops fp32, 32 GB, memory bandwith 870 GB/s ~ € 10.000 (support for 10 bits OpenGL)
    TitanV, 12,3..14,8 TFlops fp32, 12 GB, memory bandwith 652 GB/s ~ € 3.000
    P6000, 12 TFlops fp32, 24 GB, memory bandwith 432 GB/s ~ € 5.000 (support for 10 bits OpenGL)
    TitanX(p), 11,3..12,1 TFlops fp32, 12 GB, memory bandwith 547 GB/s ~ € 1.200
    GTX1080ti 10,6..11,3 TFlops fp32, 11 GB, memory bandwith 484 GB/s ~ € 1.000
    P5000, 8,9 TFlops fp32, 16 GB, memory bandwith 288 GB/s ~ € 2.000 (support for 10 bits OpenGL)

    Radeon Pro WX9100, 12,2 TFlops fp32, 16 GB, memory bandwith 484 GB/s ~ € 1.700 (support for 10 bits OpenGL).

    At this moment only the GV100 and the TitanV can saturate 8 lanes of PCIe-3, no GPU can saturate 16 lanes of PCIe-3 at the moment.
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    I have used every card on Misha's list and my order of preference if money were no object, especially with Premiere:

    GV100, TitanV, TitanXp, P6000, 1080Ti, SSG, P5000, WX9100

    If price/performance is a consideration, then this is the order:

    1080Ti, TitanXp, P5000, Titan V, WX9100, GV100, P6000, SSG

    If you are at all interested in GPU Rendering performance as well then the order would change again.
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