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    Hey all, Daniel Alejandre writing just to contribute to the community... 2 weeks ago I had my worst nightmare and my most beautiful dream just within 4 hours of post production. I just want to write this so it could help someone else in the future as I don't want anyone to feel as fucked up as I felt that day

    2 weeks ago, we shot a commercial for an insurance company based in Mexico. Big budget and impossible to reshoot. As a DP, I always tell my people to double check that all the media has been downloaded by checking the file size and in case their computer has Red Cine, to open one or two files. Well... in this case the computer didn't have Red Cine X and I didn't care as much as I had to.

    So the files of one of the 10 cards that we backed up were corrupt. Premiere couldn't read them, netiher on Mac or PC. The files were there, around 200GB but couldn't be read at all. I tried to convert them and nothing. I then read lots of threads here in but i couldn't find an answer. I got freak out big time... I understood that I could get my files back with RedUndead if I had just formatted the card and had not shot again with them... which was not my case.

    I ran Redundead on the card just to see if at least I could get one or two shots that could help us tell the story of the commercial. It didn't work... So, I came with the idea of erasing the files from the card, then pasting the corrupt files inside and running Redundead. The miracle happened! I could recover around 80% of the files that were corrupt... funny thing was that the names on the files were totally different from the original ones... so at the beggining I thought it didn't work hehe.

    What I learn from this experience is:

    -Always shoot both prores and RAW (a back up is always great)
    -Always check that the files can be opened in Red Cine X

    So that's the experience I wanted to share, sorry for my english as I am not a natural speaker... Anyways, I am glad if this happens to help someone in the future. Cheers!
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    Thanks for sharing, good find!
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    Since using RED Cameras from 2010, I have never had card issues. But I always do a secure format before every shoot.

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    Even a "trash" transcode as part of the workflow at ingest, (like 1/16) would have picked this up
    Life is good. So is RED...
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