Hopefully I'm just misinterpreting this new infirmation, but it looks like the Monstro is now $54k new, (which is only $5k more than what I paid for Helium) but now the upgrade jumped from $29k to $39.5k?? please say it ain't so

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We just fixed that.

We have aligned ourselves with new partners to retool our manufacturing process and dramatically improved our supply chain. We have trimmed the excess. We have isolated our camera businesses completely on its own so it's costs are transparent and only burdened by itself.

And the results have been immediate.

Some things will become more expensive, some will become more affordable through this transparency.

Manufacturing just one body with all the same insides (as weapon) it gets the qty up to take advantage of volume pricing.

Monstro moves the other way… its an expensive sensor to make so it’s price will go dramatically up as it stands alone in paying for itself through this transperency. There is a window though that we can help with that… Since we do have an inventory of Monstro Sensors in hand, we can put them into the new unified body and it becomes actually cheaper ( for the moment )

The math wont make sense right now. Don’t try and make sense of it. You can goto a dealer right now and buy a Scarlet-W from them and pay the upgrade to DSMC2 Gemini for cheaper than it is to actually by a DSMC2 Gemini outright. There are some other examples that won't make sense.. but 99% of them are in your favor so don't ask questions :)

So... onto the good stuff.

For Gemini...

$12,500 for an upgrade from Scarlet-W to DSMC2 Gemini.

$14,500 for an upgrade from DSCM1 Dragon cameras to DSMC2 Gemini.

$4,950 to upgrade Epic-W internals to the new unified DSMC2 ( Weapon class ) brain.

All new cameras will have price adjustments as well.

I know I probably just bored half of you all with way too much behind the scenes info so here you can skip to the new plan in detail :