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    I am a Weapon Mg owner. How much is it to upgrade to Weapon Helium and how much is it to upgrade to Monstro VV?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryanpostas View Post
    I'm reallllllly hoping there's been some type of mistake on this
    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    The math wont make sense right now. Donít try and make sense of it.

    Thatís the only silver lining I see. Hopefully we wonít be forgotten
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    Remember, Don't try and figure out the math , it will drive you bonkers. :)

    However, i think it is only fair if you are an existing Weapon Helium owner though you can still upgrade for the old price untl the current monstro sensor batch inventory runs out... that seems kinda fair.... since those have already been amortized. Brent?
    Yes that seems fair relative to old pricing.... but if a new Monstro is now only $54k, then a $4,950 upgrade price for us Weapon Helium CF owners would be the new fair and I would do that today.
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    Hmmm, as a Weapon Helium Monochrome owner (upgraded from Epic Dragon Mono), this hurts a lot.. Already to pay so high for the ultimate niche camera is hard, but to see the value of it drop by 50% is quite painful... I am all for the democratization of gear, and kudos to you guys for the work in that domain, but this is a tough pill to swallow..

    @Jarred, for the $49,000 the Helium Mono was selling for yesterday, today you can buy the same camera, get the Armour-W AND buy a Helium color sensor.. Help us out!
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    On one hand it looks like it's a very wrong time to be a Weapon Helium CF owner ... I need to start recalculating on that ROI. But on the other hand.... I have a feeling things can get better for us...
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    This is awesome. Trying to tell people the difference in our camera line-up was always really really confusing. Now it all unified.
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    Jarred, Brent,

    I might repeat myself but what about us Monstro VV owners that took a huge leap of faith buying a camera as expensive as this?
    I got mine a couple of months ago, after 1 hour of shooting had to send it in for service so it was gone for a month so i couldnt make any money with it and now I have been using it for just a short period of time and the price dropped drastically?
    Normally I get pretty excited about the news around here but this just feels like being left out in the cold. Even if it was only temporarily.
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    This is great for anyone besides us Weapon (and Monstro) owners. Our camera values just dropped in half and it now cost $10K more than before for Monstro upgrade. Truly a downgrade for us :(

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    Hey Jarred

    Can Weapon CF owners get a little more of a carrot for loosing half the value of their body? I mean this stings. Even if it was something that is punted down the road and we get a killer deal on a DSMC3 body.

    I am not complaining because I am all for the march of technology and democratization of tools, but specifically it was stated that being in the Weapon class camera would be the sweet spot moving forward. So I made my decision based on that. I would have been fine staying with the Mg.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent@RED View Post
    As we have stated many times, no.

    Good talk.
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