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    My camera was prepping for a TV series and these 2 issues appeared. The Timecode is not stable. Loses sync completely with all vmount battery change. Even with a battery in the sidehandle.
    The other issue is the +1 module. When the lcd touch is attached to it, it displays the image with a blue only filter. When the EVF is attached, it displays an test color chart image.

    I tried to do an firmware upgrade, even though it was already in the last firmware, but it didn't do any good.

    Has anyone had similar issues? Any imput will be apreciated.

    Best regards,

    Pedro Faerstein
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    I always tell my clients to get an external timecode box (like an Ambient Lockit, a Denecke SBT, or Tentacle Sync), strap it to the camera, and depend on that all day for timecode. It's even more important for power shutdowns, reboots, or jamming to external audio recorders and timecode slates. And that goes for Arri, Canon, Panasonic, Red, and Sony. All these cameras have issues with losing timecode sync after power cycles.
    marc wielage, csi colorist/post consultant daVinci Resolve Certified Trainer
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    A- I would rejam after every battery change anyway

    B- Plus one on an epic? The HDMI cable connecting the +1 to the camera can go bad. They are cheep and I usually keep a spare on hand.
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