Thread: Warranty only 90 days when upgrading Epic-W to dsmc2?

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  1. #1 Warranty only 90 days when upgrading Epic-W to dsmc2? 
    I heard that when you upgrade your camera to the new DSMC2 system you get only 90 days warranty! Is this true? If they give 2 year warranty when buying a new cam but only 90 days when upgrading seems really odd an unfair. Doesn´t they change the whole mainboard on the upgrade? So basically the whole inside of the cam is replaced. If they give a 2 year warranty for new cam there has to be at least that 2 year warranty for the parts inside the cam. So why give only 90 days warranty to parts that are the same as in the 2 year warranty of the new cam? Or is Red replacing the insides of your cam with used parts during the upgrade??
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    why dont you contact red?

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    I only saw that it was a 2 year warranty on upgrades... where did you hear 90 Days?
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    I contacted my Bomb Squad rep. He gave me this info. But it doesn´t make sense to me.
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    Me guessing, you get 90 days if your outisde of your first 2 year waranty.
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    Epic-w has only 1 year warranty in the first place. And Still if they change the whole insides of the cam it´s basically a new cam, unless they indeed upgrade it with used parts.
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    What about upgrading our scarlet dragon to Gemini? Do we still get only 90 days of warranty cause it’s an upgrade?
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    My understanding is that it's 2 year warranty but from your original purchase date. I did hear 90day before I was told that though, so it might be different for different upgrades/tradeins... Best to ask your bomb squad rep directly.
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