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    well, I hope my mediocre cinematography skills do a bit of justice to this amazing technology but here's my first outing with Gemini and H2O OLPF underwater:

    I tried to do as much as I could to manually WB underwater and not do too much in post to show you guys what it can do as it was shot, out of camera. With that said, of course I did some basic color correction to most shots, but very minimal overall and non at all to some.

    From a shooter's mind is fucking blown with this sensor. I've never used so many speed ramps in my life in an edit because I decided to shoot as much as possible at high frame rate, just to prove the point that you can. And still always ended up f8-f16. And that's at the 20-30 meter plus dives I'm talking about. I tried to switch off my lights on a lot of that, with the bulls just getting hit with the other shooter's lights that were to the sides of me. Really looking forward to getting this sensor into more available light only situations. Dark, cold, sneaky, ninja shooting situations...
    Sean Ruggeri
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    nice! The underwater color is awesome.

    I think I found the right video via YouTube.. couldn't make the URL above work
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    Awesome stuff man!
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