Thread: BEST Lightweight Tripod for RUN & GUN with EPIC-W???

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    Also have had great experiences with both my Manfrotto 536 carbon legs but don't personally have a favorite head since the head changes with the need. The 536's have just taken a beaten and keep on doing what they need to do.

    I'm not gentle with tripods by any means, rarely put them in the case, tend to throw them around (without the brain on it).

    Whenever I see a set cheap on eBay I always put in a low bid and hope for the best.

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    Gitzo is my favorite lightweight legs. I usually use a 5 serie at 2.8kg but the 3 serie is 2kg

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    Have had a Miller Arrow 50 for years and is what I rely on for smooth pans and tilts. Anything too light and you may lose smoothness. Admittedly, I have a heavier rig than most, but I like it that way...helps me burn calories.
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