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    Hello, I have some footage I did with a Red One MX and Arri Ultraprimes. Now, 5 years after that shooting, I have to shoot new material in order to complete the initial project. I have to choose between and old Red One MX or a Red Epic, both with Ultraprimes.

    If I shoot with Red Epic/Ultraprimes, using the Red One MX color profile (I was told Red Epic has a Red One MX color profile as an option), would the Epic footage look exactly the same than the old footage I did with the Red One MX/ultraprimes? I mean in terms of look, color etc.
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    It's all about your color space and gamma curve. Interestingly enough this is a great way to get into the IPP2 color workflow in my opinion.

    Mysterium-X sensor tech is found in both your Epic and Red One, if you're using Dragon (Epic Dragon) as a sensor tech, it's higher quality but can still be matched reasonably well.
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    I know it was a typo but that thread title just created some very funny images in my head...
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