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    We are pleased to announce that the public beta 5 for DaVinci Resolve is now available as a no charge upgrade for download from the BMD support web site.
    The Studio version will work with your existing DaVinci Resolve Studio or Fusion Studio dongle or a DaVinci Resolve activation key.

    Thank you to all who have used our previous betas and providing feedback as it’s very helpful for our ongoing stability and development. Thank you also to those submitting automatic diagnostic logs. Please continue to report bugs with steps to repo, system information and diagnostic logs on the v15 beta sub forum and if you have a bug, please review the forum for similar issues in the specific beta build you are using before you start a new thread.

    If you are upgrading from v15beta 4, there is no database change however making a project DB backup is still prudent.

    If you are updating from v12, v12.5, v14 or early v15 betas there is a database update required for this release so please back up your database and then most importantly import that backup to verify its status. You can save it as a copy of the original database so you can then upgrade the copy and preserve the original should you wish to re-install v14.3. We also recommend you also make a drp export of your active projects.

    After installing DaVinci Resolve 15 Public Beta when you first start the application you will be prompted to update your database and we recommend you select the one you restored from the backup.

    If you are Mac prior to macOS Sierra 10.12, and using DaVinci Resolve v12.5 or older, please see the details at the bottom of this post regarding upgrading of older databases on older OS.

    Key features of this release
    • Added initial support for OpenFX plugins in the Fusion page
    • Added support for encoding EXR clips with alpha channels
    • Added support for tint, temperature and exposure controls for Canon RAW clips
    • Added the ability to bypass Fusion effects, Color changes or both on the viewers in the Edit, Fairlight and Color pages
    • Added support for applying grades from timeline gallery clips using middle click
    • Added support for clip filters for clips with Fusion compositions in the Color page
    • Added support for DaVinci CTLs with user parameters, accessible via a new DCTL ResolveFX plugin in DaVinci Resolve Studio
    • Added support for using DaVinci CTLs as input and output LUTs in project settings
    • Added support for encoding CEA-708 closed captions in MXF OP1a clips
    • Added support for exporting Dolby Vision v4.0 XML
    • Improved results when compositing images with transparency
    • Improved support for scripting with new APIs and documentation

    Issues addressed in this release
    • Addressed an issue when decoding clips with AC3 audio on Windows
    • Addressed an issue where media management of audio clips would not work correctly
    • Addressed an issue where auto sync audio would intermittently not work
    • Addressed an issue with Red IPP2 gamut mapping when updating LUT lists in project settings
    • Addressed an issue where some layers in EXR files could not be read correctly
    • Addressed an issue with decoding some EXR files with multiple layers using DWAA compression
    • Addressed an issue when decoding certain 8-bit luminance-only image files

    • Addressed an issue when performing dynamic trims with ‘Stop and go to last position’ enabled would undo the edit operation
    • Addressed an issue where the waveform would not refresh when changing clip levels on the edit timeline
    • Addressed an issue where importing an XML would not automatically show the import log summary
    • Addressed an issue where editing or trimming Text+ titles in the Edit timeline would sometimes show a media offline error
    • Addressed an issue where dragging audio clips with layers across stacked timelines would result in inconsistent behavior
    • Addressed an issue where inspector controls for OpenFX generators and transitions could be reorganized or deleted
    • Addressed an issue where zooming in the Edit page while playing back would sometimes result incorrectly refresh clip thumbnails
    • Addressed an issue where pasting copied clips with an audio video offset on the Edit timeline would not respect the offset
    • Addressed an issue when dynamic trimming audio clips on the Edit page
    • Addressed an issue where changes to the clip pitch effect would sometimes not be persisted
    • Addressed an issue where audio playback would sometimes skip the first playback frame

    • Addressed an issue where adding the Renderer3D node and setting output channels to vectors on the Fusion page would cause a hang
    • Addressed an issue where changing the image size for the background tool would not be respected in the Fusion page
    • Addressed an issue where adding a tracker node and playing back a comp on the Fusion page would sometimes freeze the application
    • Addressed an issue where previewing a comp with an expression in the Edit page viewer and the Fusion viewer would behave inconsistently
    • Addressed an issue where timeline clips would not be shown in their original resolution in the Fusion page
    • Addressed an issue where working with Auto Proxy enabled in Fusion page would sometimes cause a crash
    • Addressed an issue where EXR file metadata would not be available in the Fusion page
    • Addressed an issue with monitoring the Fusion page at 8-bit and 12-bit video output using Blackmagic Design capture and playback devices

    • Addressed an issue where using shared gallery paths with different media storage locations in different machines could sometimes result in black still previews
    • Addressed an issue with ResolveFX Warper when the warp points were placed outside the image boundaries
    • Addressed an issue where clips with LUTs or DCTLs applied in ACES projects would sometimes result in flickering
    • Addressed an issue where Face Refinement would be incorrectly applied for clips with certain Edit scaling resize modes
    • Addressed an issue where window tracking points would be shown incorrectly on the Color page viewer for clips with certain edit scaling resize modes
    • Addressed an issue with showing alpha from mattes in the Color page for clips with Fusion effects
    • Addressed an issue where LUTs with long names would appear truncated in the LUT browser

    • Addressed an issue where system audio could sometimes not be heard correctly when monitoring with a Blackmagic Design monitoring device
    • Addressed an issue where rendered clips would sometimes have channels with blank audio
    • Addressed an issue where ‘Bounce to new layer’ would sometimes incorrectly render the clip with a fade applied
    • Addressed an issue where changing subclip extents of an audio clip would result in incorrect waveforms on the Fairlight page
    • Addressed an issue where automation keyframes could be drawn outside of the selected audio tracks in the Fairlight page
    • Addressed an issue where changing the start timecode would not refresh the Fairlight timeline correctly
    • Addressed an issue where trimming pasted clips with crossfades on the Fairlight page would sometimes cause a crash

    • Addressed an issue where compound clips would not be rendered with a valid alpha channel when the export alpha option was enabled
    • Addressed an issue where DaVinci Resolve would crash on start up on some legacy Mac hardware
    • Addressed an issue where the DaVinci Resolve Micro and Mini panels would not work on Windows machines with secure boot enabled
    • Addressed an issue where updating LUT lists in project settings would not refresh the LUT browser
    • Addressed an issue where some project settings would sometimes be incorrectly initialized when loading or switching projects
    • General performance and stability improvements

    Upgrading your PostgreSQL database server for older MacOS
    Until DaVinci Resolve 12.5.2, the Mac installer used to ship with PostgreSQL version 8.4.2. Starting from macOS Sierra 10.12, PostgreSQL version 8.4 is no longer supported. If you intend to upgrade to the latest OS, you will need to upgrade your PostgreSQL database server to version 9.5.4 prior to upgrading macOS. Once your PostgreSQL installation has been upgraded and your data has been ported, you can then proceed with your macOS upgrade.

    We have provided apps to simplify upgrading your PostgreSQL version on your Mac. The apps along with instructions can be found in the /Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/DaVinci Resolve/Upgrade PostgreSQL folder.

    Starting from DaVinci Resolve 12.5.3, new installations will include PostgreSQL version 9.5.4.
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    Thanks again Peter for all your hard work!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Chamberlain View Post
    Key features of this release
    • Added initial support for OpenFX plugins in the Fusion page
    • Added support for encoding EXR clips with alpha channels
    What?! YESSSSSSSS!
    The two things I requested... are the two things at the top of the "AWESOME STUFF WE ADDED" list.
    Super excited to get that Neat Video on! And super excited to be able to exr + alpha export.

    Yay yay yay quadruple YAY.

    Bruce Allen
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    Fusion playback has gotten worse for me. On my system, beta 3 was kind of usable at lower R3D decode quality, at least to practice learning on. Beta 4 was a little worse than 3 and beta 5 is worse than beta 4.

    Windows 10, i7-3930K, 32GB RAM, 1x GTX 770 4GB

    I usually edit and color 6K R3D at Quarter Red Good decode quality on a 4K or 2K timeline in real time.
    Filmmaker, Actor
    Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube
    Epic-X Dragon #08468 | Sigma Art 18-35/1.8, 35/1.4, 50/1.4, Rokinon 85/1.4
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    I normally have z-depth coming in as a layer with my exr files and I use that all the time to quickly mask things out, is there a way of accessing that in davinci/fusion given this alpha change? Also how is the seperate version 9.0.2 fusion going to be aligned with the davinci fusion(i.e. for things like r3d support)?
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    Thats a long list.

    Did not read it all trough before my head started to spinn...

    So the big question remains. Will this verison start up default with / without autosave on?

    Björn Benckert
    Creative Lead & Founder Syndicate Entertainment AB
    Flame - 3D - Milo MoCo
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    I am a Newbie to Fusion :

    +) Has anyone found Resolve Preference or Project settings that would allow a MacPro'13 (nMP / 64GB / 10core / 2xD700 / RRX) to be able to perform a FUSION CameraTracker node without inserting GPU error frames?

    +) Is there an easy getting Resolve to purge out old Fusion data?

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    Tried FUSION using the CPU option -> Still gets (Resolve15b5) FUSION corruptions
    Tried Changing the Timeline to be 1280x720p -> Still gets FUSION corrupts (even when playing back some R3Ds with mediaIN->mediaOUT)
    Tried Deactivating the RRX -> still corrupts
    Tried manually selecting one or other of the GPUs -> Still corrupts

    Last I transcoded the clip into an 8K ProRes 4444 XQ -> Seems to play WITHOUT Corruption.

    So :
    +) 3.7GB R3D : 8K FF clip seems to cause corruptions in FUSION
    +) 25GB ProRes 444XQ : 8K FF transcode of this clip can play in FUSION without corruption

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    Yep, you're crazy to try to do full-res 8K VFX on a Mac from a R3D.

    They're just not built to handle that stuff, no matter what Apple say :)

    Standard workflow is: render out to 4K (or lower) ProRes RedLogFilm and work with that.

    Bruce Allen
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    Thanks for the insight Bruce. :)

    I am going to limp through on a trashcan until 2019 until either Apple eject a system that stops me facepalming .. or I switch to Linux.

    I am also hoping this is a software glitch as even when FUSION is set to only use CPU on a 10 frame R3D, with nothing else in the timeline, and no Fusion processing nodes - it randomly corrupts its frame cache.

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